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Field Service Reading List: How Real Companies Succeed with Social Media

The following post is about a new book describing how industry leaders like Cisco, Adobe and others build successful social business programs. The book, “How Companies Succeed in Social Business,” was written by the TSIA’s former director of   Continue reading


Field Service 2014: Year in Review

From new mobile technologies and the emerging Internet of Things to a big dose of Big Data and new business models centered on customer service, 2014 was an eventful year in field service. At the heart of it all, managers and techs   Continue reading


Don’t Overlook Google as Knowledge Management Tool

When people need to find information or answer a question, whether personal or work-related, today’s first stop is often the Internet. That instinct holds true for field service technicians, too, as answers are a Google search away on a technician’s   Continue reading


3 Critical Skills Modern Service Techs Must Master

It’s a brave new world for service technicians. They’re using iPhones and tablets to manage their daily workloads, some are driving cool hybrid vans and even the equipment they fix can talk to them and tell them what’s wrong. Beyond   Continue reading


Could Facebook Become An Indispensable Tool for Field Techs?

Facebook already has a firm grip on people’s personal lives. But news leaked during the weekend about Facebook’s ambitions to become the social network of record for people’s working lives with a new business collaboration service called Facebook@Work.

Details are   Continue reading


Connect Your Fleet to the Internet With This DIY Toolkit

As the Internet has begun to connect with everything from thermostats to watches, service techs suddenly have a new slew of gadgets to collect data and work with customers. Increasingly, the connected office is moving beyond the cubicle, and   Continue reading


Home Depot Mobilizes Field Techs With New App

The top stories from the field this week.

Home Improvement Techs Get Mobile Makeover

It’s been a tough couple of months for Home Depot following its high-profile data theft. Hackers stole at least 53 million email addresses and 56 million   Continue reading


Mobile Adoption Lags for Smaller Field Service Firms

Field service is an inherently mobile industry. It’s just not the type of work that can be done from the office, which has been true for as long as products have needed to be serviced — and long before smartphones,   Continue reading


Farmers Reap the Benefits of Connected Technology in the Field

The Internet of Things is everywhere in field service, from ATM manufacturers that use M2M technology to monitor their machines to welding companies that train technicians with virtual reality software. Connected devices are revolutionizing the way that organizations operate, resulting   Continue reading


From Field Service to the Supply Chain, the Connected Future Means Big Business

Billions of devices are expected to connect to the network by the end of the decade. These previously unconnected devices and sensors will inject loads of data into businesses. If analyzed properly, that data will eliminate the guesswork from many   Continue reading


What Fleet Managers Can Learn From Uber’s Geofencing Experiment

On-demand taxi service Uber is never without a lawsuit, it seems. Recently, the company faced scrutiny for its behavior at Los Angeles International Airport as it’s illegal for drivers who lack the proper permits to pick up passengers at the   Continue reading


How Apple’s New Gadgets Could Be a Win for Field Techs

Last week Apple released new offerings to it’s lineup of tech tools: the much anticipated iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. While Apple generally focuses its product releases on the consumer, there’s always an undertone of enterprise   Continue reading


Salesforce and SAP Push for Wearables in the Field

In the wake of Apple’s announcements Tuesday, it seems inevitable that wearable devices — and the augmented reality applications that work along side them — are ready for take off. Companies like SAP and Salesforce have caught the wave and   Continue reading


Investing in End-to-End Service Management Technology? Consider Technician and Customer Needs

The following article from Field Service News editor Kris Oldland originally appeared on Field Service News and is republished here with permission.

End-to-end field service management is a topic that we keep hearing about. Our recent podcast featuring Paul Sparkes,   Continue reading