4 Ways to Help Employees Track Performance Data — Without Creeping Them Out

As devices like Fitbits, Google Glass and the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch gain traction in the consumer marketplace, companies are making the business case for wearables in the workplace. Employers increasingly provide gadgets like activity trackers to employees, in hopes   Continue reading


How to Close the Field Service Skills Gap By Spreading Knowledge: Q&A with Aly Pinder

There’s no doubt that there’s a developing skills gap among employees who are currently in the field and candidates who are looking to work their way into field service. A recent CareerBuilder study found that installation, repair and maintenance positions   Continue reading


From Field Service to the Supply Chain, the Connected Future Means Big Business

Billions of devices are expected to connect to the network by the end of the decade. These previously unconnected devices and sensors will inject loads of data into businesses. If analyzed properly, that data will eliminate the guesswork from many   Continue reading


What Fleet Managers Can Learn From Uber’s Geofencing Experiment

On-demand taxi service Uber is never without a lawsuit, it seems. Recently, the company faced scrutiny for its behavior at Los Angeles International Airport as it’s illegal for drivers who lack the proper permits to pick up passengers at the   Continue reading


Manufacturing, Service Need an Image Makeover

As field service organizations search for talent, they’re experiencing the very real skills gap, where managers can’t find candidates with the right skills and current employees feel they lack the skills necessary for the job. Manufacturing, to be   Continue reading


To Boost Customer Loyalty, Create a Plan — and Stick to It

Service leaders are apt to obsess over customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. The goal is always to create happier, more loyal customers — but leaders’ efforts are often derailed. Why?

Bill Pollock

Bill Pollock, president and principal consulting analyst at   Continue reading


Postal Service Eyes New Service Revenue Source: Grocery Delivery

If the U.S. Postal Service has its way, the mailman could soon double as the grocery delivery man.

The organization is seeking Congressional approval to expand its grocery-delivery test program with AmazonFresh. Amazon is looking to expand its delivery service   Continue reading


The Field Follows the Lead of Consumer Technology

With 50 billion devices said to be connected to the Internet by 2020, the rise of the Internet of Things has prompted leading service organizations to equip their techs with gadgets like Google Glass and virtual reality platforms. This technology also   Continue reading


General Electric CMO to Flip the Service Switch for Lighting Division

Business leaders are getting smarter about looking beyond product sales alone to increase revenue. Now, it’s important to wrench revenue from recurring service contracts to fix and maintain those products.

A close partnership between leaders in service, sales and marketing   Continue reading


3 Surprising Industries That Use Field Management Software

Field management software was created with field techs and their managers in mind, but other industries are grasping hold of its benefits, as well. From having data in one place to being able to track equipment and assets to easing   Continue reading


A 4-Step Plan to Develop a Culture of Customer Success

Service organizations are increasingly called upon to drive revenue for the entire company. Part of the appeal comes from service technicians’ proximity to customers, assuming the relationship is strong and customers are happy with the service.

But customer service   Continue reading


Avoid Common Snags to Sell Recurring Service Revenue

As vice president of technology and social research at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), it’s John Ragsdale’s job to stay on top of the tech trends in field service. And that means keeping tabs on industry insiders such as   Continue reading


How Apple’s New Gadgets Could Be a Win for Field Techs

Last week Apple released new offerings to it’s lineup of tech tools: the much anticipated iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. While Apple generally focuses its product releases on the consumer, there’s always an undertone of enterprise   Continue reading


Mentorship Win-Win: Engaged Employees, Better Service Revenue

Rapid technology advancements in field service mean that technicians’ job requirements change before they know it. Who thought 10 years ago that today we’d be dispatching fleets from iPhones or repairing Internet of Things-enabled devices?

One way for service organizations   Continue reading


Imagining the Artificially Intelligent Future of Field Service

Mention artificial intelligence and many people’s minds immediately drift to doomsday science fiction movies.

But beyond the Hollywood hype lie big benefits for field service organizations. Chief among them is the ability to automate mundane tasks like scheduling, and instead   Continue reading


Salesforce and SAP Push for Wearables in the Field

In the wake of Apple’s announcements Tuesday, it seems inevitable that wearable devices — and the augmented reality applications that work along side them — are ready for take off. Companies like SAP and Salesforce have caught the wave and   Continue reading


Health Wearables Come With a Cost: Data and Security Implications

Tech-savvy field service organizations are equipping their employees with the latest wearables, including health trackers to make business operations more efficient and techs happier. While health wearables promise to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle, foster a sense of   Continue reading


How to Placate Customers Who Just Can’t Be Pleased

This is the second installment of Bill Pollock’s SmartVan series about how service organizations can turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones. To read the first installment, click here. Perhaps the best way to look at the different types of   Continue reading


Cisco Revamps Training to Avoid Internet of Things Skills Gap

The future of connected devices is fast approaching, and it will create new jobs that require new skill sets. Cisco, the company that’s helping to give rise to the Internet of Things, isn’t sitting on the sidelines. The company predicts   Continue reading


Investing in End-to-End Service Management Technology? Consider Technician and Customer Needs

The following article from Field Service News editor Kris Oldland originally appeared on Field Service News and is republished here with permission.

End-to-end field service management is a topic that we keep hearing about. Our recent podcast featuring Paul Sparkes,   Continue reading